Emotional exhibition arrives at Town Hall

Published on Monday, 8 November 2021 at 8:31:17 AM

An emotional and reflective collective exhibition Eight: The Shift and Saudade will open from 9 November at the Albany Town Hall.

Featuring Margaret River artists Christopher Young and Elisa Markes-Young, the exhibitions explore challenging topics including the complexity of end-of-life and lifelong migrant experiences.

Young’s exhibition of photographic work Eight: The Shift considers how individuals respond to the experiences they encounter when faced with death.

The project was realised when Young’s father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and the subsequent experiences Young faced as he dealt with his father’s passing.

Young said his relationship with his father was distant and often dysfunctional.

“Our collective apathy left us with limited shared adult experiences as well as an inability to communicate,” he said.

“Despite his diagnosis and the associated ‘deadline’, we never found the language to sit down to discuss his looming death.”

Saudade is a journey through Markes-Young’s life as a resident of multiple countries including Poland, Germany and Australia.

Markes-Young’s work is inspired by memories from her childhood and the resultant feelings of displacement and loss as she moved from country to country from a young age.

Her textile and paper works are made almost entirely by hand and intend to convey a feeling of a bitter-sweet melancholy that the Polish call ‘tesknota’.

This exhibition runs until 7 December 2021 at the Albany Town Hall.

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