2022 Exhibition Program

Albany Town Hall GallerIES



Art Collective WA presents an exhibition by Olga Cironis at the Albany Town Hall from 28 April to 21 May. The specially curated collection of new works will display the breadth of the artist’s practice and her use of diverse media including sculpture, photography, installation assemblages and acrylic wall works.

The work of Olga Cironis is layered with research, collected stories, muted voices and cultural heritage. Founded upon her Greek, Czech and Australian heritage, her artistic investigations are psychologically loaded with meaning, provoking, and seducing the viewer, navigating them through history and inviting them to question our social and environmental connections. 

Throughout her 30-year art career, Olga has encouraged audiences to become part of her work. This may involve donating something personal – a strand of hair, a story – or to place oneself in the work, physically within it or reflected in it.  Her use of readily recognizable and relatable domestic and found objects adds comfort and appeal to the invitation. Once enveloped, Olga asks us to reflect on the meaning of public and private space, and the norms that permeate our socially accepted thoughts and actions.

 'In her art practice Olga is concerned with personal and collective identity and what identity really means in today’s Cultural Globalization. Olga scrutinizes western popular culture by exploring and placing before us the ‘other,’ and questioning cultural and social norms. From a strong migrant feminist foundation, her art practice is somewhat paradoxical, often melancholic with a poetic expression. Through her work, Olga succeeds to seduce the public to further explore, reflect and question our own place in the world.' (Paola Anselmi, 2014). 


‘Frank Pash’ presents a large proportion of the City of Albany’s extensive collection of Australian painter Frank Pash’s original artworks, including some large-scale works, previously not shown in public. The exhibition features a series of Frank’s oil paintings, watercolours and illustrations, depicting maritime landscapes and aspects of Captain James Cook’s life and voyages.

Internationally acclaimed artist Frank Pash (1920-1990) worked predominantly in oils, depicting Australian historical moments with a focus on the Vietnam war, maritime battles and landscapes. He also illustrated a number of history books, written by his cousin Brian Pash which were commissioned by the Perth Building Society. In 2008 Bill Olde bequeathed the 48 original artworks by Frank Pash to the City of Albany for its art collection.

The Frank Pash exhibition will be on display at the Albany Town Hall from Wednesday 25th May until Friday 10th June.

Dates open to public Exhibition
28 April - 21 May

Hammer & Honey - Olga Cironis

25 May - 10 June

City of Albany Art Collection - Frank Pash

15 June - 21 July  Great Southern Youth Art Award
26 July - 18 August

Homed In - Jillian Green

23 August - 18 September

Disappointing Vanilla - Trevor Bly

23 September - 28 October 

Tony Windberg

3 November - 1 December 

Mr Pink Presents - Alun Rhys Jones - TBC

6 December - 14 January 2023

Multiples - Paul Moncrieff


coming soon to the vac...

Dates open to public Exhibition
June (dates TBC) 

Lynette Knapp

June (dates TBC)

Ernest Krogdahl