The art shed

Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images. 

THE ART SHED Mentor: Caroline Smith


Grace Wyland, Matilda Ritchie, Siobhan de Pledge, Roisin Healy, with construction assistance by Tannah Manders.

Holding On To Paradise


MODEL Matilda Ritchie


ARTISTS’ STATEMENT A fanciful scene that sees the beauty of our natural environment hanging delicately in the balance while being smothered by humanmade damage. The concept evolved after the group explored the natural environment here in the Great Southern. They took inspiration from The Gap, the Karri forests and the Stirling Ranges to create a paradoxical fantasy rainforest that holds on to the hope that our fragile planet will survive the devastation caused by humans. By acting now, climate change can be halted to offer young people hope for a brighter future.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES The imposing wings are constructed from corrugated cardboard covered with hand-cut paper feathers sourced from the pages of damaged books and painted using food colours. The rainforest is adorned by a carpet of exotic flowers, created by applying heat to hand-cut PET (plastic) bottles - each taking on its own unique shape. Layers of fabric create the waterfall and the entire garment is surrounded by hand-cut and decorated cardboard and paper butterflies and birds attached to delicate wire to create the illusion of flight.