Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images.

Suzie Kettle

Forgotten Glimmer


MODEL Suzie Kettle


ARTIST STATEMENT For any one person to achieve excellence within their skill set is to be noticed, accepted and honoured within our society. The dedication and involvement required is essential. Suzie’s artwork references the glimmer and shine of trophies that is often lost over time and the faded memories of goals of excellence that were once so essential to achieve but no longer seem important.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES Found trophies collected for many years, disassembled - figurines particularly essential for this body of work; plastic netting represents the many sports games requiring nets; the skirt has golden braid to represent athletic tracks, which are used to achieve excellence even though they may not be perfect; the head piece is the social realisation of achieving–the hype and the height and the weight and the effort of achievements.