Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images.

ST JOSEPH’S COLLEGE Mentor: Ashley Whiting


YEAR 7 ART CLUB Adah Cassidy, Keeley Mullally, Leah Naughton, Bridie Bingham

Big Storm


MODEL Adah Cassidy


ARTISTS’ STATEMENT Big Storm is about the climate crisis and how it is wrecking and devastating lives. The BIG part is coming from the point of view of our youth who find this situation to be a terrifying and insurmountable subject to tackle, as they will be soon be the adults of the world left to deal with this issue.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES Recycled parts, packaging, hula hoops (items that would have found their way into landfill but are serving a better purpose for art), wire work and glue.