'Face – Expressions of Many' at the Albany Town Hall

Published on Monday, 6 November 2023 at 8:52:32 AM

Local artist Suzie Kettle invites art enthusiasts and the community to delve into the captivating world of facial expressions in her exhibition, Face – Expressions of Many.

Through a diverse array of mediums, Kettle skilfully explores the intricate nuances of the human face, delivering an immersive and emotive experience for all.

With her needle and embroidery thread in hand, she allows each facial image to organically take shape. By combining various elements such as paint, ink, graphite, pastels, and meticulously stitched thread, Kettle breathes life into her creations, unveiling a multitude of expressive faces that convey a world of emotions.

The Kitchen Face Friends series is a testament to Kettle's passionate and obsessive approach to art, incorporating food and photographic processes as mediums. Handcrafted paper clay and glaze sculptures further enrich the exhibition, engaging the viewer with additional dimensions of facial expressions.

Kettle's work invites viewers to pause and reflect on the silent narratives woven by faces. Through each brushstroke and stitch, she captures the unspoken stories that lie within our expressions.

Suzie Kettle said an expression can say a thousand words.

“Faces are canvases for emotions where every face and every expression has a story to tell. It is through this exhibition that I want to get audiences thinking about what our expressions are really saying,” she said.

“I sought to unravel the captivating tales hidden within every smile, frown, and gaze. Through the intricate interplay of different mediums, I aimed to capture the silent stories that our faces tell.

“This exhibition is an exploration of the rich tapestry of human emotion, a journey I invite everyone to embark upon.”

Face – Expressions of Many will be on display until Saturday 18 November.

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