Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images.

Jill Paynter-O’Meehan

Phoenicia is the land where the Phoenix builds its nest


MODEL Jill Paynter-O’Meehan


ARTIST STATEMENT An immersive cloak of armour, Jill Paynter-O’Meehan’s work explores themes of feminism, resurrection and passion, a plumage of protection as the phoenix rises from the ashes. The movement of the wearer is an important element of the power and strength it symbolises. A whirlwind spinning around you yet still maintaining a silent and calm centre.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES This artwork has been created using textile techniques including crochet, dyeing and sewing, combined with Vanitas-inspired painted animal bones; a nod to traditional Pagan folk magic and witch craft.