Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images.



Year 10 Visual Arts and Year 8 and 10 Textiles students

Red Moort


MODELS Dannielle Frost, Lily Quick, Ella Anderson


ARTISTS’ STATEMENT This work is about “nature”. The Red Moort tree, the cockatoo and the echidna are all indigenous to our country. It’s about how us white fellas haven’t really looked after country as well as we could have and so many species are now extinct or on the brink of extinction. The red Moort tree grows well in its little eco system on a reclaimed farm, just a while away from Bremer Bay. It grows atop a small hill, a cluster of these trees unique to the great south. Leaves like leather, shiny and dark. Our First Nations peoples cared for this amazing land of Australia for thousands of years. Then, we wadjellas came along... and in about two hundred years we have created a fragility in this land and its inhabitants. We need to get a hold on this and turn it around. We ALL need to.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES Found and gathered leaves, bark and flowers, found materials, card and calico.