Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images.

Annette Davis

Burbanga Nanda, a cicada remembers


MODEL Jessica Ruggera


ARTIST STATEMENT This piece is inspired by the environment of the Murchison River and the Burbanga Nanda, a cicada that lives in trees which grow in this area in the mid-west of Western Australia. The materials I have used to make this garment have direct connection to the Murchison River, a place I visit each year and which inspires my creativity.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES Tree bark, wire, beads, natural dyed cotton fabric and cotton string. Pieces of bark, collected from around trees along the Murchison River, are attached by twisted wire to woven wire arm pieces. The individual pieces of bark, each with their unique shape, hold the memory of where they come from. The dress is made from fabric coloured with the natural dyes from bark and leaves. The headpiece is one piece of bark, attached to a wire skull cap covered with natural dyed cloth.