Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images.

Anne Cochrane

The Burning


MODEL Tiffany Wanden (courtesy of Tricia’s Model Management)


ARTIST STATEMENT Using wool felt and a variety of silks I have created an ethereal garment in reds, oranges, gold and black reminiscent of the colours of fire. I have sought to bring the fundamental element of fire into my gARmenT creation as fire is a frequent event in our landscape influencing the cycle of life. As our climate changes fire will become even more prevalent. Many of the silks were coloured using dyes from nature, and sculptural features that represent extreme heat were created in the felting process. My goal in making this garment is to highlight an important force on earth and to have made it from some of our oldest known textiles. I hope to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them and to discover beauty in nature’s power.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES Wool felt and silk.