Photography by Nic Duncan - click on slide show to view full-size images.

Alice Cliff



MODEL Francesca van der Horst


ARTIST STATEMENT After a decade working in Paris and London in Luxury Fashion, Pattern Maker Alice Cliff returns to Western Australia to reconnect with her roots. This collaborative wearable art project with Mary Ellen Cliff (Denmark ceramicist) and model and muse Francesca van der Horst has brought together ideas that culminate in an outfit of deconstructed jacket and draped dress with train, adorned with ceramic elements. The initial idea takes inspiration from a Martin Margiela jacket, woven in wide elastic, and the ancient feminine art of weaving. A view of couture, costume, tailoring, flare and restraint. Picking apart the constraints of couture and bringing power to the feminine. Pushing the boundaries of design into art. Peeking through the window into the potential future.


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES Textile, ceramic tiles.