Albany Contemporary Dance

Photography by Nic Duncan 



Tenille James, Amelie Lucas, Jasmine Reeves, Imogen Taylor, Esther Hesford, Rosie Talbot, Izabel Turner.

Don’t Waste the Planet


ARTISTS’ STATEMENT Choreographed by Sym Parr with dancers of Albany Contemporary Dance, the challenge was to make the costumes from upcycled materials, using as few new materials as possible. This then inspired the dance… It was an apocalyptic future that only a few managed to survive. A future filled with rubbish and decay, where darkness ruled. The Last Humans were clinging on to what hope they had left. One was corrupted by the waste, a predatory Monster. One emerged, Warrior-like to combat the crushing plastic tide, empowered by the glow of Hope. The innocent Sea Creature is caught like flotsam in the maelstrom. What becomes of these creatures of the apocalypse?


MATERIALS/TECHNIQUES Second-hand clothing and clothing destined to be thrown away, everyday rubbish items, plastic gathered from the tip shop, pieced together with sewing and hot glue.