Reconciliation Week comes to York Street

Published on Friday, 14 May 2021 at 1:07:45 PM

The six seasons of the Noongar calendar will be displayed on the Alison Hartman Gardens and Town Square banners this month in recognition of Reconciliation Week that runs from 27 May to 3 June.

The City with local artist Michael Cummings are showcasing the paintings that represent the six Menang Noongar seasons of Albany referenced through extensive UWA studies.

The interpretation reflects each season through colourful flora and fauna with reference to the Swan River Colony season names that are widely used across the state included within the banners.

Artist Michael Cummings who was born in Albany and now resides in Perth said he first started painting as a form of relaxation as a teenager.

“Contemporary Art, to me reflects the modern interpretation of my culture & traditional values of where I am from, Albany Western Australia,” he said.

“I use the modern mediums such as acrylics and oils on canvas to convey animals, land & events that impacted within the region.

“I like using a bold, colourful palate of acrylic paint using additives to enhance the painting. I mix my own themes and styles to gain further insight into art to convey my meanings.”

Acting Manager Community Development and Engagement Rani Param said the banners were a beautiful way to show Albany’s connection to the traditional land owners.

“More than a word. Reconciliation takes action is the theme for this year’s Reconciliation Week where having these banners erected within the CBD shows our commitment as a community to play our role in valuing our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” she said.

“Albany has its own unique history between the first settlers and traditional land owners that is both respected and appreciated by residents and visitors to our region.

“Displaying Michael Cummings artwork in York Street celebrates and recognises Aboriginal culture, heritage and contributing to the community.”

The six seasons of the Noongar calendar banners are on display from now until 7 June 2021.

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