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22 November - 1 December \ Vancouver Arts Centre

In the past two years, we have all simultaneously experienced a contraction of our horizons into the domestic and out through the digital. Remote Control is a new series of works that translate and transport the intimate, questioning the idea of presence.

Remote Control is the shifting from the attentive, reactive document of drawing through the visual screen. Where the viewers’ attention is drawn now to the proximity, and immediacy of contradictions. Place though distant, casts a vista in front of us through time and a sense of collective memory.

Control comes from that moment of exploration; of trying to understand their surroundings. Through drawing Ronan redefines the natural and urban environment. Taking the abstract and allegorical, describing the rushing wind and poetry of barren spaces or heat from urban static.

For Remote Control these intimate watercolour and pencil drawings have been reimagined as a limited edition of prints, which are then photographed being held up by their owners. This exhibition doesn’t have any originals, instead what is on display is prints of photos of people holding prints of drawings. These giclée prints are clones of drawings. The photographs of people holding the prints are digital copies. What is on display is a reproduction of a photo of a person holding a reproduction of a print of a drawing.

Remote Control is an exhibition by Irish born, Perth based artist Ronan Lane.

Join Ronan at the Vancouver Arts Centre for an artist talk on Monday 28 November at Noon.


Event Details

Time: 10 am - 4pm, Monday - Friday

Venue: Vancouver Arts Centre

Cost: Free


Contact: Vancouver Arts Centre

Organisation: City of Albany - Arts and Culture

Phone: 68203740


Event Date(s)

  • Tuesday 22nd November 2022

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